Renouveau Media got the opportunity to interview Grant Schaffer, a talented singer from Florida, already making waves in the music industry.

Iuliana: Hey Grant! How are you? Thank you for your time. So given these unusual times, what does a typical day look like for you? How have you adjusted to these times?
Hi I am doing very well thank you for having me! A typical week day for me begins the with a coffee and breakfast. I begin my morning with a meditation followed by a bit of reading. I typically use this time to assess my short term and long term goals and as well as any daily tasks I may have. After this I typically get a workout in. Next I begin warming up on guitar and then I start writing music. This can last for hours on end and often I end up composing various beats, guitar melodies, and lyrical ideas. Next I devote my time to daily social media upkeep which mostly comes in the form of photo and video content. A portion of the latter half of my day is also dedicated to music marketing as well as tasks involved “VibeHouse,” my playlist curation company. On weekends I often take a trip to the beach or the lake to enjoy the Florida sunshine! That’s the majority of what my days consist of! Given current circumstances I’ve chosen to focus on the positive side of things; this surplus of free time stuck inside has left me with hours and hours to write new music.

Iuliana: What first got you into the music world? Tell us about your first guitar and how old you were when you started playing. Were you a natural performer or a bag of nerves when you first started?
My first exposure to music came in the form of classical violin training which I began around the age of 3. As for my first guitar I believe It was a mini Fender squire! I’m not sure exactly how old I was but not old enough for a full sized guitar. I remember I used to play my dad’s baby Taylor as well around that time. I was lucky to have a lot of performance experience with violin and viola prior to playing guitar and singing. It definitely trained me to manage my nerves, not fight them.

Iuliana: Which artist, album or song had the biggest impact on you as a musician?
Jimi Hendrix has by far had the biggest impact on me. He absolutely revolutionized rhythm guitar. His influence is also extremely prevalent in the majority of my modern influences as well.

Iuliana: What has been the highlight of your career as a guitarist so far?
Either receiving over 7 million likes cumulatively from guitar covers or being able to work with one of my favorite guitar companies. The amount of people I’ve been able to reach with the internet blows my mind.

Iuliana: What three qualities make a good guitarist?
A musical ear, great tone, and the ability to play with feeling.

Iuliana: Is there a piece of guitar gear that you just can’t live without?
I really love my D’angelico semi-hollow guitar. For me, a hollow/semi-hollow body guitar is a must have.

Iuliana: In terms of the current music scene, who are you a fan of?
Dominic Fike.

Iuliana: In your eyes, what makes a great guitarist?
I think what makes a guitarist great is the connection they have with the music. You can have all the technical ability and theory knowledge in the world but your playing won’t be nearly as compelling without feeling.

Iuliana: Time to annoy our guitar obsessed readers: the best guitar in the world is?
The guitar that has spent the most amount of time in your hands.

Iuliana: Do you have any pending projects at the moment?
I do have a project that is pending as well as some other unreleased tunes in the works. I can’t quite announce anything but I can confidently say it will be my best music to date.

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