I know I never tell you with words,
I know that I’m only good at expression
When its on a piece of paper,
All written out.
But I always liked the kind cards,
The gifts I said I didn’t want,
The nights of music arenas,
And you playing for me.
I’m happy that you always have opinions,
Even if they differ from mine.
I like when you talk to me
For hours and hours late at night,
Even if I know Ill be tired the next day.
I’m glad we have the same taste in music
And that you listen when I talk to you about my favourites,
Even if it may sometimes annoy you.
I like that you wear your heart on your sleeve
Even though it may hurt sometimes.
But mostly I like that every day
I feel brand new,
And my slate is wiped clean,
From all past or present fears.
Because I know that at the end of the day,
You will always be there
Cheering me up and cheering me on.

-a poem for you

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