Against all prejudice, against all forms of violence, abuse and all types of discrimination. I exist. My feelings and emotions exist, my love and my happiness. My insecurities, fears, anxieties and sadness. My dignity, my integrity and my freedom exist. I am human and I deserve to be as happy as any person in the world without feeling a mistake. I am free to express myself and NO ONE CAN BREAK MY VOICE.

This project represents a rebirth from malaise. It symbolizes freedom of expression, the strength to fight, a rematch from suffering. It’s a complaint against the pressures we are forced to endure.

It is a cry of anger against all forms of discrimination, violence, abuse and injustice. It is an act of liberation from every type of imposition and oppression. Unfortunately, life is full of pitfalls. We must fight against the judgments and wickedness of others, obstacles, failures and disappointments. No one should tell us who we should be and what we should do. But who can define us? Nothing and no one can make us lose the desire and the joy of living. No one can make us feel a mistake, no one can define our identity, make us doubt our abilities, our value and make us stop loving ourselves.

The flower represents the voice. A voice that makes ideas reborn and bloom, a voice that needs to be heard again despite the difficulties. Red as anger for justice and the injustices suffered as passion and love that make us feel alive and help us to fight again for what we believe.

can I get a self-love lollipop? 


We are free.
We are free to be ourselves.
We are free to be whatever we want to be.

Freedom of expression is essential. We must feel free to be all that makes us feel good. We often feel oppressed by our expectations and the judgment of others. But why? Do not we deserve to be happy and to be what we really are?

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