Chloë Felopulos, the force behind her fashion and lifestyle insta page & youtube channel, took some time out this week to talk with us about life as a fashionista and influencer.

Iuliana: Hi Chloë! How are you? Excited to interview you today! Tell our readers a little about yourself.
Hi! I am doing great, super excited to be talking with you today! So a little about me is that I currently live in New York City and am just about to graduate college this May (terrifying lol)! I am 21 years old and hoping to pursue a career in the fashion industry, ideally in creative direction or styling, either in New York or Paris. I am also a leo:)

Iuliana: You have an exceptionally unique look, Chloë. Where does your style savvy come from, and where do you get your inspiration?
Thank you so much! I think what definitely influenced my style today was the many years I worked at a consignment shop in my hometown. I learned there, along with my many trips to local thrift stores, that second hand shopping was my favorite way to expand and develop my closet and my personal style. I absolutely loved working in consignment and found it way more rewarding than any other retail job I have had. There was something so exciting about never knowing what was going to come in next, or what you were going to find in a bag of clothing. There, I also learned about brands and designers as part of my job was brand research so I could reasonably price items and know a bit about their history. On top of all of this, the sustainability factor was huge for me as I saw first hand the outcome of overproduction, consumption and the reality of the cycle of clothing and trends. My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, honestly. The more predictable places, such as Pinterest, are always great, but random outfits on the streets of New York, or buying a statement piece at a thrift store are also things that have me rushing home or writing in my notes app to put an outfit together.

Iuliana: What particular details or nuances in a garment strike or inspire you when creating a look? I’d love to know more about your fashion tastes!
I think nostalgia plays a big role in my fashion sense. I definitely lean towards different decades depending on the year…or even the day. Right now I am a BIG 70s girl, but a consistent lover of 90s fashion. I think garments that feel as though they have had a history before me, or have been worn boldly, make me want to own them. Anything funky, outrageous or even humorous are things that appeal to my eyes but also my heart, as I love to wear things that feel like me:)

Iuliana: When putting a fit together, do you find yourself to be calculative, or does everything come together through instinct?
It definitely depends on the outfit. I sometimes intentionally avoid being calculative with outfits in picking things that don’t match or I wouldn’t normally pair together to help me push my creativity and come up with new ways to style my own closet. I think I usually base an outfit off of a vibe I am feeling or an item I want to wear…and the rest of the outfit eventually comes together.

Iuliana: You have an impressive Instagram page. When did you get started on Instagram and when did your account really take off? How has creating content changed your life?
Thank you! It was really this year when things started to pick up! I had been posting pretty regularly fashion and lifestyle content for years but never anticipated it getting to the point it has. I have always loved Instagram as a platform to create a log of my favorite outfits and looks. I also love supporting small businesses or sustainable brands so it is also great to post and tag brands I support and want to give exposure to. Creating content has definitely changed my life as it has put me in the position to meet so many creative people and work with brands I love. It has pushed my own creativity and helped with my own confidence in my individuality.

Iuliana: Your outfit selfies are a serious staple on your feed. Any tips for nailing the perfect shot?
Oh it’s always a hit or miss for me! So many times I have struggled to get a good picture of an outfit, but this has also forced me to be more flexible and casual with instagram! I’d say good lighting is key and play with angles! I’ve gotten really into Photoshop which has allowed me to care less about background and push my creative boundaries further. I think playing with editing is always fun…you never know what an image can turn into!

Iuliana: Can you tell me a little bit about your YouTube channel? How did you get started? When did it really take off?
I have had a YouTube channel with one of my best friends since Freshman year! We had a blast making videos and content but it got hard with our differing schedules and school so it definitely fizzled out a bit! After the pandemic hit I realized I really missed YouTube from all aspects whether that be the editing process to physically talking to a camera all day…I wanted to do it again! This time, I made my own channel and so far I have been really proud of my content and its growth. My subscribers are so supportive and kind it literally blows my mind. I feel so lucky!

Iuliana: Do you find any meaning, in terms of mental health, through fashion and creative expression?
100%. I think my mental health depends a lot upon my creative expression, and fashion is often my go-to form of doing so. The pandemic really made this clear to me. There are definitely other ways I feel creatively stimulated, but I think fashion was my first love when it comes down to it.

Iuliana: What does creativity make you think about? Do you feel like this young generation is much more creative than the previous one?
Creativity makes me think about my dad who was probably the most creative person that has ever touched my life, personally. He taught me everything I know about entrusting in my art and myself. He installed in me the belief that one of the bravest things you can do is be yourself, and do it unapologetically, and so I hope to do this on all my platforms. I think this younger generation is more inclined to do what they love and follow their bliss, just as my mom taught me to do. I don’t necessarily think that means they are more creative than other generations, but possibly they will prioritize it more.

Iuliana: Apart from fashion, what other things do you have great interest in?
I am a big foodie and love to try new cuisines:) I adore traveling, as cliche as it sounds, and would love to travel more once the pandemic is over. My next abroad destination would be Greece…I have wanted to go my whole life! I also like shooting film, although I haven’t in a while so this was just a great reminder! Love a good dance party and listening to music…I can confidently say I would take a bullet for Beyoncé.

Iuliana: If any, what advice would you have for someone wanting to become a content creator?
Hmm honestly I think the best advice I could give would be to just start! If it’s what you want to do then what is stopping you? Set very few expectations for yourself and go into it with a positive mindset. Be patient, have fun with it and be yourself!

Iuliana: General words of wisdom you live by?
This is a hard one but because I have it tattooed and look at it as a reminder everyday: I would say to make beautiful things! And by beautiful I mean whatever constitutes beauty, to YOU! Continue to create and feed your mind:)

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