Renouveau Media got the chance to interview content creator and YouTuber Yaz Caramanli.

Iuliana: Hey Yaz! How are you? How’ve you been spending your time indoors? What’s a typical day look like for you?
hey!! i’m doing great thank you:) you’ll usually find me writing a song or filming a youtube video. i’ve also been seeing friends socially distanced of course ;)

Iuliana: Can you tell me a little bit about your YouTube channel? How did you get started? When did it really take off?
to be honest i don’t even know where it all started. there are videos of me when i was 4 talking to the camera about my bratz dolls, but i’d say i started properly when i was around 13. i was a huge tomboy before but wanted to start wearing makeup. i taught myself through tutorials on youtube and decided to make my own as i learned! i never cared about numbers and didn’t pay much attention to it, then one day i woke up after posting my ‘14th birthday haul’ and it had gotten a million views after a week! i was so confused hahah.

Iuliana: Where do you get the ideas for your content?
when i make videos i consider what’s going on in my life, to keep it as relevant as possible. i think it’s important to consider the political climate and any current events, to be socially sensitive and use my platform for awareness as much as i can! i also look to my friends for inspiration and ask them about what they have recently been watching!! i try to make videos that i would watch if i weren’t me, if that makes sense?

Iuliana: Yaz, how has creating content changed your life?
it takes a lot of time which means sacrificing going to a few parties here and there, but it’s worth it. i feel a real sense of community with my followers, which i absolutely adore. nothing beats the feeling when i hear that somebody has made a new friend through our community. i feel so blessed to have my platform to be vocal about issues and share my music and entertainment. the only con is that i’m prone to judgements from other people, thinking that i’m some big headed influencer, which i’d like to think i’m really not!! don’t think my resting bitch face particularly helps my case though haha.

Iuliana: What do you aim to provide to your followers? What kinds of ideas do you want to convey?
i want to promote self love and selflessness to everybody who follows me, by being vulnerable and honest. i also want to utilise my online presence to benefit communities in need and issues that should be spoken about.

Iuliana: I noticed you do a good deal of covers on both your Instagram page and YouTube channel. Your talent is another level! What kind of music do you like to listen to?
thank you so much!! it’s truly what i want to pursue, i spend most of my time either writing or listening to music. recently i’ve been getting into some tom misch, raveena and victoria monet.

Iuliana: How do you choose which brands to work with?
every brand i work with i know and love, i just make the decision to work with brands if i think my supporters would like them!

Iuliana: What do you do when you aren’t working on your channel?
music, that’s it :))

Iuliana: General words of wisdom you live by? What’s your favourite quote?
a quote from Amy Winehouse ‘music is the only thing that will give and give and give and not take’.

Iuliana: Do you have any upcoming events or announcements you wish to share?
i’m working on an exciting new project that will be released early august :)) it’s for a great cause and the meaning behind it is so important and close to my heart. also watch out for new music coming soon!!

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